Free HCIA Certification and Courses by Huawei

Huawei is one of the most popular technology vendors in the world. Huawei is not only manufacturing network devices. Futhermore, Huawei is also manufacturing gadgets (i.e. mobile phones, laptops, smart tv), including its components (i.e. CPU, and the OS software), some technologies also developed by Huawei such as 5G, and Huawei also provides cloud services.

In Indonesia, we often find Huawei network devices at service providers environment. Some people argue, Huawei is a big competitor to other vendors (i.e. cisco, juniper, nokia) in the field of network technology.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Huawei is providing free digital skills training. You can enroll some Huawei courses on iLearningX by Huawei. Furthermore, if you are eligible, you can take HCIA certification for free.

There are several tracks that you can choose to learn. Some legacy track such as Routing and Switching, WLAN, and Security. There are also tracks that are trending right now, such as: Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Big Data, Artificial Intelegent (AI), and 5G.

Well, here is how to get a free course and certification (HCIA level) from Huawei.

Open this page:
LEARN ON in UK:Huawei Certification Digital Skills Programme UK 2020

1. Study material.

On the link above, there are some online self-study courses and webinars. You can enroll the course and start learning. Also, you can attend the webinars.

Click the course that you want and enroll it, maybe you must create Huawei account if you don't have one.

If you feel you have understood the material, to test your knowledge, you can take the final exam in each course.

2. Take certification.

To get free a HCIA exam voucher, you must get (minimal) 60 points on HCIA Pre-test. Go to step 3 on this page: Huawei Certification Digital Skills Programme UK 2020. There are several tracks that you can choose. To run this pre-test exam, you must use Windows or MAC for the operating system and Google Chrome for the browser.

You have 3 attempts to pass. If you have passed the exam (have a score of 60 or more). You can apply for the voucher on this link. Fill all data correctly. You will receive an email for the voucher and the next instructions, soon. I don't know exactly how long you have to wait, but I applied on 30th June and received the exam voucher on 11th July.

After you receive the email, you can follow the instruction on that email to take the HCIA exam.

1. I don't provide dumps or similar things. I just learn from the course, and I passed the exam pre-test.
2. I haven't taken the HCIA exam, because I'm finishing CCNA. I will give a review or other information about the HCIA exam in this article, as soon as I take the exam.
3. For additional information, contact

That's all. Good luck!

Berikut ini adalah video penjelasan terkait program kursus dan sertifikasi gratis dari Huawei dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

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